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Welcome to Duke Thomson's Keeping pace with the development across the world in the field of biotechnology, microbiology & food technology!

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Food Safety

The Food & dairy industries are highly regulated at various levels and adhere to strict internal quality standards. The need for monitoring solutions that deliver rapid, accurate and reproducible results is critical. The product line supplied by us supports all segments of the dairy industry, including fluid milk, cheese, butter, cultured products, ice cream, UHT processing and dry ingredients, beverages, meat, poultry, egg, fish, seafood. The complete line of microbial indicator tests, pathogen tests, end product screening systems and hygiene monitoring tests will help you meet your industry standards while reducing labor costs and time. All products are designed to help you maximize accuracy, consistency and efficiency and supported by worldwide sales and technical services.


Food Diagnostics

Advent of new media era lead to Consumer awareness, now protecting the Brand image of products has become critical for every food processor.

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Dairy Products

Dairy Ingredients

In the dairy world where craftsmanship and tradition are the two major components we offer the best of its kind ingredients which are time tested.

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Food ingredients

Routine food diagnostic kits to the laboratories To Natural preservatives we have an extensive range of products.

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